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Ever wondered what it’s like to have a stalker ?

On my weekly wander round the dimmer recesses of the blogosphere this evening I followed various half forgotten links and ended up here.

Dead Men Left is a blog whose owner – a certain James M – has a bee in his bonnet about the pro-liberation Left. He says we’re facing:

a gradual slide into obscurity

That’ll be why a full five out of the last five of his entries take Harry’s Place as the subject.

Flattering… but not a little creepy.

Harry adds: Talking of slides into obscurity, Will Rubbish reports that the Socialist Workers Party, now admit to having little more than 3,000 members.

If I’m not mistaken the old Communist Party had over double that number when it wisely decided to call it a day. A difference is that the CPGB had a few million quid knocking around thanks to erm, ‘historical legacies’ (or Russian gold as some unkindly referred to it). But the SWP have a rapidly declining membership and have made a total mess of their finances.

The irony in all of this, that won’t be lost on some of the old school of SWP members, is that they are spending what is left of their human and material resources on trying to keep an old Stalinist in the bourgeois parliament.

Who knows, maybe it won’t just be Galloway we will be saying goodbye to after the election?