Iraqi trade unionists murdered

From the IFTU website:

“On the night of 27/28 October 2004, terrorists committed a heinous crime against workers employed by Iraqi Railways when they attacked a train travelling between Mosul and Baghdad with mortar fire, setting the train on fire, killing all those working on it and mutilating their bodies. The victims, who were murdered in cold blood, included two train drivers, a train controller and a railway security guard.

“The martyrs were:
Kasim Shahin ( train driver).
Maithem Shaker Obeid (train driver).
Ahmed Ibrahim (train controller).
Zeyad Tariq (railway security guard).

“This heinous crime points out clearly that these terrorists are the enemies of all the Iraqi people. They are the same criminals who had attacked and killed Iraqi children in Al- Amel district in Baghdad in early October 2004, and also killed women, men and elderly people in previous acts of terror and sabotage

Can we now drop all this ‘resistance’ nonsense and simply refer to the terrorists and murderers as what they are and what Iraqi trade unionists call them – the enemy?