David Morley RIP

Every so often something happens in the UK which makes you question your lazy assumptions about how far society has actually advanced as opposed to how far you assume it has.

Like many people who went to university in the Eighties and afterwards the idea of discriminating against people because of their race or sexual orientation is infra dig. I’d always assumed the number of people who actually physically attack others – rather than just dislike them – for their racial or sexual characteristics was tiny and shrinking.

This story from the Times is depressing evidence that for one unlucky man surviving one hate crime wasn’t enough of a guarantee that he wouldn’t be the victim of another equally savage one. Or that in his – and not just his – everyday world hate crimes are a relatively common occurance.

A BARMAN known as “Sinders”, who survived the Admiral Duncan pub bombing to become a pivotal player in its disaster appeal, was killed in a homophobic rampage.
David Morley, 37, suffered 40 bruises, a ruptured spleen and fractured ribs when he was attacked by a gang of teenagers close to the Royal Festival Hall in London.

I agree with the Times editorial writer that something should be done. No one wants a law changed because they died but in this case it would be a fitting memorial to a life taken too early.