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Hitchens to voters: calm down

Turns out Hitchens didn’t endorse Kerry last week after all; it was an editor’s mistake.

I had no idea then that the editors would or even could list me in the “Kerry” column, but I don’t see what difference it makes. I wrote what I wrote from the perspective of a “single issue” person. I don’t know whether to be touched or embarrassed by the number of e-mails I have had, beseeching me to come clean. Surely the “process” is not in so much trouble that my guidance, let alone “endorsement,” is required? Life and politics will persist, in this republic, while the republic’s enemies will continue to be toxic and lethal and protean. Neither electoral outcome can alter that. It’s absurd for liberals to talk as if Kristallnacht is impending with Bush, and it’s unwise and indecent for Republicans to equate Kerry with capitulation. There’s no one to whom he can surrender, is there? I think that the nature of the jihadist enemy will decide things in the end.

My emphasis.

(Via Andrew Sullivan.)