War etc

Makes me wanna holler

The everyday frustrations of a pro-war leftist include trying to deal with an email message like this, from the Washington, DC, Labor Council:

WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE: Upset and angry about what’s happening in Iraq? Join the crowd Tuesday night as Solidarity DC and USLAW [US Labor Against the War] invite you to a “Not-So-Happy Happy Hour” at Cafe Citron. This fundraiser for Iraqi trade unions will help organize workers facing privatization of their industries in Iraq. But even more, in times like these we need each other, to talk about what’s happening, meet others who feel like we do, and, while we’re at it, enjoy music, poets and drink specials while we talk about how we’re going to throw Bush and his warmaking administration out of office in November.

I’m as eager to replace Bush as they are. But don’t these mostly well-meaning people understand that if it weren’t for Bush and his “warmaking administration,” there would be no independent Iraqi trade unions for which to hold fundraisers?