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Do Something For – Iraqi Bloggers

Go and read their stuff.

A year ago there was one Iraqi blogger Salam Pax. Remember the things that we talked about when people first discovered his blog? Would he be safe from the secret police? Some even asked if he was ‘for real’? The idea of a free and uncensored, articulate voice coming out of Saddam’s Iraq was hard to imagine.

Now there are scores of Iraqi bloggers saying whatever they want about the war, about the past, about the future. So ask yourself how that came about comrades?

Go and read Mohammed:

Let everyone and especially the pacifists and all who opposed the coalition that what happened was an operation to free the Iraqi people and eliminate a criminal gang that does not represent any body but itself and its narrow interests and that pauses a serious danger on our country and the others.

……Let me remind you ladies and gentlemen that Saddam ordered his army to take precautions to face the people not the United States and the coalition. The arms of his loyal Dobermans pointed to our chests..

Mohammed has a pay pal donation button so you can send him a few quid to help with the very expensive costs of the internet in Iraq.

Another Iraqi blogger with a Pay Pal button is Ays.

He has this to say to those who marched on Saturday:

It’s very cozy and comfortable to drink the tea in the morning, getting out of your first-class houses, driving your fancy cars, speaking loudly against your governments, criticizing your prime ministers and presidents, saying “ I want this thing”, “ I don’t agree on this decision”, “ I hate Blair and Bush”…..etc.
Look you coddled pampered people… why don’t you want us to do what you’re doing now ? why don’t you want us to live like you ? Are you idiots? Selfish? Or what ?

You ‘protestors’ I’m sure you didn’t use your mind when you got out of your houses.. just let me tell you something: when you want to refuse something or say that’s wrong, first of all you should study the whole case and discuss it thoroughly before saying it’s wrong, and when you say it’s wrong, GIVE A PROPOSAL to solve the case, now when you said “ No war….” What is the right thing to do to get rid of Saddam and build democratic countries in the region?
Tell me …

Both those blogs have links to others in Iraq – well worth reading all of them.

(Credit to Jeff Jarvis who has been doing things for Iraqi bloggers for a long time)