The Lawyer’s Friend

George Galloway has just come out of the High Court in a bullish mood after smiting his enemies at the Christian Science Monitor who thought they had documents which showed the expelled-MP had taken Baghdad gold.

The Christian Science Monitor originally apologised to Mr Galloway last July after it was revealed the documents were fake. “At the time we published these documents, we felt they were newsworthy and appeared credible, although we did explicitly state in our article that we could not guarantee their authenticity,” said Paul Van Slambrouck, the editor of the Monitor.

The “sorry” wasn’t enough though…

The apology was rejected by Mr Galloway. “This newspaper published on its front page in every country in the world that I had taken $10m from Saddam Hussein,” he said.

“That was a grave and serious libel. Of course the documents were a forgery and a newspaper of that importance ought to have made the effort, both morally and legally, to establish the authenticity of those documents before they published them.”

Watch out Julie Burchill…

via Briffa