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Do Something For – The Marsh Arabs

The war in Iraq has barely ended and people around the world are beginning to realise the terrible cost to ordinary Iraqis a generation under Saddam.

At least 85,000 remain in Southern Iraq. They are suffering from acute shortages of food, medicine and clean water. They desperately need our continued help.

The AMAR International Charitable Foundation is at the forefront of working inside Iraq to help the Marsh Arabs.

· Eight clinics have been established, providing primary health care and immunisation programmes.

· About 40,000 Iraqi refugees in and out of camps are still being cared for in Iran with our sanitation and primary health care projects.

With over 13 years experience in providing aid and support to the Marsh Arabs, the AMAR International Charitable Foundation currently employs 100 Iraqi health and sanitation professionals inside Iraq as well as employing them in projects in Iran.

We need your help to carry on helping the Iraqis and Marsh Arab people at this critical time. Our work cannot continue without your support.

Please make a donation. No amount is too little.

The war is over but the suffering continues.

Do Something For The Marsh Arabs via the AMAR website.