War etc

The Battle

Tony Blair:

This is the new menace of our time. My father’s generation were in the last conventional war to be fought on the soil of Europe, to defeat the Nazis. Our generation grew up with the Cold War, that ended with the defeat of totalitarian communism.

This generation faces a war of a different nature from anything before. There has always been terrorism. Spain and Britain both know its price. But now, this is terrorism waged without limit, without any care for the grief of the innocent and it is terrorism that is designed to strike at the very heart of our way of life, our democracy, our freedom, and the rule of law.

We will not defeat it by hoping it will leave us alone or by hiding away.

We must be prepared for them to strike whenever and however they can. But let the message go out from Spain, from Britain, from the free world. In our grief, we do not show fear. We will do whatever is necessary to defend our way of life and defeat this terrorism.

We will match their determination with our own; we will be as resolute as they are fanatical; as strong in defence of good as they are hellbent on doing evil.

This is a battle that is far from over. But like previous battles vital to the progress of humankind, this one too will be won and this menace driven from the lives of decent people the world over.