Date for the Diary

This looks like an event that many London-based Harry’s Place readers would find of interest:

The left-wing group Alliance for Workers Liberty is to debate the Iraq issue with Observer journalist Nick Cohen on March 24th in London.

I imagine it will be a much better discussion than the usual pro-anti debates that preceeded the war.

Cohen was one of just a handful of left-wing columnists who backed the liberation of Iraq and was highly criticial of the Stop the War Coalition. The AWL is one of the few (only?) groups within the anti-war movement to have stridently opposed the politics of the SWP and George Galloway and to have made their opposition to Saddam’s regime and solidarity with Iraqi labour groups known during protests.

So many of the themes and issues debated here over the past year or so should arise.

Hopefully I’ll see you there.

Wednesday 24 March, 7.30pm, room 2b, ULU, Malet St. The AWL debates Iraq with Observer journalist Nick Cohen.