Northern Democracy

Northern devolution online

Thanks to Voxpolitics I have discovered the websites of the ‘Yes’ campaigns for regional assemblies in the North.

The best looking site is certainly Yes 4 Yorkshire while the Yes for The North East site also looks to be well maintained.

Sadly my own region’s effort Campaign For a North West Assembly has a site that hasn’t been updated since the summer.

There is no sign of a blog from Northerner campaigners which is a shame because that would be an ideal tool given the London media’s general disinterest and/or hostility to devolution. A regular bulletin of campaign news and opinion with links to regional and national media coverage would give the Yes people a strong online presence. If anyone hears of any such blog or wants a hand in any way with producing one then please get in touch via email.

For devolution campaigners outside of the soon to be liberated zones of the North, the Campaign for the English Regions has plenty of info on the whole issue of regional government.