Dress Down Friday

Dress Down Friday 4

OK, thanks for an impressive amount of emails for this week’s DDF. Given the volume, I can’t use most of the suggestions but I will file the mails and keep the ideas for future Fridays.

If you are new to this, Dress Down Friday is when we hand the blog over to the readers and let the debate flow in the comments boxes on less serious matters than usual.

A new feature from this week is banned words – this is an attempt to avoid repitition of heated discussions on serious issues that have been ongoing throughout the week.

This weeks banned words are WMD, Hutton, Whitewash and Inquiry.

Anyone who uses any of these phrases will face sanction.

Right wingers will be forced to write a long mail to Peter Cuthbertson explaining why you haven’t voted for his Conservative Commentary site in the Guardian political weblog awards.

Lefties will be forced to discuss the Hutton report on the message boards at Medialens.

You have been warned.