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Moral discomfort

I know most of you will read Norman Geras every day but if there is anyone who has not read his piece today on the inquiry-frenzy, then I urge you to do so.

It really does merit being read in full but I can’t resist offering at least a taste:

There is a certain moral discomfort at work here: a moral discomfort at having been in the camp favouring a course of action which would have left the torture chambers and the rape rooms in operation to this very day, and beyond it for who knows how long; when a supposedly idiot, right-wing, Republican president and his compliant prime minister friend moved to rid the world of a monster. The two of them must be made to pay for this – for their upsetting of the right and proper order of political vice and, more crucially, virtue, as seen in Hampstead, Islington, Didsbury and their US equivalents.

To that list may I venture you could add Canary Wharf and Farringdon Road?