War etc

The People’s Inquiry

So we’ve had an inquiry into the BBC and we are going to have another into the intelligence on WMD which, who knows, might even include an inquiry into the decision-making of the government. The Americans are going to do the same as well.

So basically everyone involved in the whole Iraq war (except the Iraqis of course) are going to be inquired about. All those issues we discussed over the past 12 months are going to be re-visited and everyone is going to try and make the most of the information avaliable to back-up their own positions.

Well that’s not quite true because, as we have been frequently reminded, the whole Iraq business also provoked the biggest demonstration seen on the streets of London.

Yet there is no inquiry into the anti-war movement.

But what are blogs for if not to provide the services that the mainstream media and politicians don’t offer?

So I hereby announce that this blog will, in due course (as they say in such inquiries) launch an investigation into the Stop the War Coalition and its supporters.

We have a rather broad remit and I can assure you that there is no chance of a whitewash.

The questions I suggest we put in front of the inquiry are:

1. Did the anti-war movement mislead the public with their predictions about the war?

2. Did the anti-war movement betray the basic principles of anti-fascism and international solidarity?

3. Was the anti-war movement, while professing to be merely a collective of peace-loving protestors, a front for organisations who were/are actually supporting the ‘other side’ in the war and the subsequent occupation?

The inquiry is willing to consider other issues and is open to suggestion from readers. Leave your comments below if you wish to contribute to our remit.

Once the precise remit is agreed the inquiry will take submissions from readers based on the public statements of the movement and its leading supporters in political life and the media. A relevant URL must be provided if you wish to submit evidence.

Now any inquiry worth its salt must have a name to attach to the eventual report which is produced at the end of the process – Hutton, Taylor etc.

Given that this inquiry is not only independent but is totally informal and unofficial I think the appropriate title would be “The People’s Inquiry”. I’m sure it will make Andrew Murray feel at home.

And as the anti-war movement has recently become such a vocal supporter of open government and independent inquiries they are welcome to illustrate that commitment by submitting their own evidence. The financial accounts will do for starters.

But first I need some help on this remit business. Is it too broad, or is it too narrow? Your suggestions please.

Update: In response to some comments and emails. No I am not taking the piss. Well, not entirely. I genuinely think it would be a useful blog exercise to gather together relevant material about Stop the War and make a judgement on their activities. So send me the material!

I can’t quite understand why I need to clarify this either but I suppose I should -given the speed with which emails circulate. No I am not calling for the state to investigate Stop the War. There is no reason why they should.

After all, even if they were considered by some in the state to be ‘subversives’ I am sure their hilarious tactical decision after the huge Feb 15 march to announce they would not protest again until “the day war begins” would have comforted the powers that be more than enough. Stop the War – but only when its begun.