Ma’ariv in English

I’ve noticed that whenever a discussion of Israeli-Palestinian issues occurs at Harry’s Place, at least one commenter will link to one or more articles in the newspaper Ha’aretz quoting Israelis denouncing one or another Israeli government policy. Which is fine, although it would be nice to have such easy access to Palestinian critics of Palestinian policy in the Palestinian media.

Nevertheless I’m pleased to announce that another Israeli newsaper– Ma’ariv– recently launched an English-language online edition, which will provide the Israel-obsessed with more ammunition for whichever case they are trying to make.

Unlike Ha’aretz— a mostly liberal paper aimed at an educated elite– and The Jerusalem Post— a mostly conservative paper aimed at native English-speakers– Ma’ariv is one of Israel’s two mass-circulation tabloids. (The other, Yediot Achronot, doesn’t yet have an English website.) Ma’ariv is more centrist (and somewhat more sensationalist) than either Ha’aretz or The JP, and featrues a genuinely wide range of opinions.

(Via Not a Fish.)