Cultural misunderstanding?

I don’t think anyone should go to jail for this, or lose custody, but I can’t buy the plea of cultural differences.

A British couple arrested after leaving their baby alone in a car parked outside a shopping mall said yesterday that a cultural misunderstanding led to their actions.

One of the Britons, Yisroel Singer, 26, said he was shocked to find the police waiting to arrest him and his wife, Golda, in a Long Island parking lot on Dec. 23 after they left 6-month-old Rosie in the car to take their daughters Rochel, 3, and Chaya, 2, to a bathroom.

No matter how culturally isolated you are, isn’t leaving a six-month-old baby alone in a car an exceptionally reckless thing to do?

Is it really the case that parents in England who did the same thing “probably would not end up in court,” as Mr. Singer claims?