War etc

All hail the respective local solidarity caucuses

In what appears to be a poor translation from some other language, the Campo Antiimperialista website reports on Saturday’s demonstration in Rome in support of the Iraqi “resistance.”

Although the report was posted on Tuesday, there’s no mention of that little matter of the capture of Saddam Hussein.

CA is claiming up to a thousand participants in the face of a “tremendous McCarthyist witch hunt not seen since the 70s” and a “slander campaign… operated by a transversal front” from far right to far left.

Despite the presence of “provocateurs of the Iraqi quislings including the Iraqi Communist Party,” the demonstrators were proud to have “commonly repulsed the imperialist and Zionist enemy and its aides no matter in which disguise they have appeared.”

Between the speeches speaking choirs [chants?] were shouted reaching their climax when Awni Al Kalemji, spokesman of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, entered the hall: “Free Iraq” and “long life the Iraqi resistance”.

In an interview last month with a member of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA), Kalemji said, “No doubt that Saddam Hussein and his party are one part of this struggle.”

CA is proposing to send a solidarity delegation to Iraq by next spring. That should be interesting.