‘Blair’s McCarthyite Witchunt’

When the media occassionaly give space to some criticism of the anti-war movement, it can never be accepted for what it is by the psuedo-leftists.

Any media coverage of the Stoppers which doesn’t describe them as the most exciting movement for generations or which fails to eulogise the ‘carnival atmosphere’ of their demonstrations must have some darker motives. It simply cannot be that leftists actually have some legitimate complaints about the Socialist Workers Party and the organisations they lead.

Via a reliable source an internal SWP mailing found its way into my inbox. It includes the following:

The Blairites lost the argument against the war. They are clearly trying to regain ground by launching a massive campaign over the threat of terrorist attack (a threat which can only be made more real by Britain’s participation in the war and the subsequent occupation of Iraq) and by a McCarthyite witch hunt campaign using any smear possible against the Stop the War Coalition and the SWP.

So The Guardian carried a page on Monday devoted to a ‘peace activist’ no one has ever heard of. Not being unable to resist joining in a witch hunt on the most successful campaign in British history there those on the left who hurry to pen letters joining in claiming the SWP is bankrolling the StWC!

So The Economist carries an article at length from some obscure leftwing publication saying the SWP has dropped support for gay rights and sexual equality in order to gain votes from Muslims! This despite the fact the most prominent Islamic figure associated with The British Politics at the Crossroads meetings held so far, Salma Yaqoob has repeatedly made clear her support for sexual equality for all (a position far, far better than the Church of England) or to ask why in earth the SWP would do such a thing & why are there not members leaving by the shed load in consequence, which is what would rightly happen if we did.

So the most common allegation to be used to smear all and sundry is that we are anti-semitic.

It does not take a genius to guess a lot of this emanates from New Labour in order to try and sabotage any united challenge to them next June.

Forget Michael Howard, tuition fees or the EU constitution – now we know what is really worrying Blair, the spectre of the RESPECT Unity Coalition.