Often when browsing blogs I come across posts which I like but which I have nothing to add to other than ‘Indeed’ or I simply don’t have time to point people in the direction of. Items that I read while swiftly browsing the blogs during a coffee break or silly little things that raise a smile but not the desire to write.

Also we tend not to get involved in some of the ‘intra-blog battles’ that rage across the web but they can be illuminating sometimes and are often fun to poke your nose into now and then.

So in order to rectify these weaknesses here is, Expresso – a new feature on Harry’s Place where we quickly link to some of the most interesting posts we have found on other blogs during the past week.

Politx has some great stuff at the moment: A look at the crazier end of American right-wing blogs. and the spoof Melanie Phillips piece is also fun.

Henry at Crooked Timber looks at Instapundit’s weakness for Black Helicopter theories.

Black Triangle points us towards the Monster Raving Loony Party’s contribution to the Big Conversation.

Couple of interesting posts recently on Laban Tall’s blog. The permalinks don’t work but the items on the BNP’s web popularity and Left Wing Anti-semitism are well worth a browse.

Stephen Marks, an anti-war activist who pops up in the comments here from time to time, reviews the latest Hitchens and Tariq Ali books on Iraq on the Gauche blog and doesn’t rate either of them.

Talking of the war – it didn’t take long (72 hours to be exact) for the newly formed pro-liberation marxist bloggers to get into a row. Marc Mullholland says that the tone they have taken to the anti-war movement is too harsh. The Marxist.Org people reply (scroll down to the post about the Professional Historian) and they seem to have a problem with academics.

Clive Soley MP has some thoughts on tuition fees and some interesting autobiographical details on his own experience of employment/education.

Emily Jones links to a list of the 25 Most Annoying conservatives of 2003 and responds with her personal 25 Most Annoying Liberals.

Feel free to email with your suggestions for next week’s Expresso.