Fraternal Greetings

The group behind have now set up a weblog called Socialism In An Age of Waiting.

The renegade blogwave continues…

Oh and while we are on this sort of topic a few people have been annoyed by my recent comment on the lack of Stop the War bloggers.

I accept, of course, that there are British bloggers who were opposed to the war but my point in the Guardian website article was more referring to the absence of a blog from Stop the War Coalition activists engaged in the major cross-blog debates. Most of the British bloggers that I read who opposed the war have also been critical to greater or lesser degrees about Stop the War rather than being enthusiastic supporters of it. It was the lack of such enthusiastic supporters of the movement that I was noting.

I wasn’t, as one emailer claims, gloating over the absence of Stoppers in the blog scene. I think it would liven the broader debate up a great deal if an SWP or CPB member produced a serious blog presence.