The Left

Not much sign of these ‘pro-war’ leftists drifting to the right.

It is quite encouraging to see the domain in the hands of people who unlike so many who masquerade as ‘Marxists’ know the difference between feudal despots and bourgoise democrats.

Of the anti-war ‘left’ they write: We cannot forgive these charlatans and renegades their betrayal of the very tradition they pretend to uphold, and we are confident that the working class will go on seeing them for what they really are. Then again, given their remoteness from any contact with working-class people, their embedding in academia, journalism and other marginal outposts of the capitalist system, and their total incapacity to realise that they have made stupendous errors, let alone learn from them, it is already abundantly clear that the western “left” no longer has anything in common with the working class – and that, somewhere behind their smug masks, they know it.

Brilliant. But I have to ask the inevitable question that leftists raise when they discover a new publication or group – who are these people and where did they come from?

(I found the link via one of the commenters here so perhaps he could tell us more?)

Of course they are not the only Marxist website to have supported the armed removal of Saddam’s regime. Australian Albert Langer, a regular commenter on this blog, has been running the site Last Superpower for some time. It really is a treasure trove of material on the Iraq issue and well worth visiting regularly.