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An anti-democratic fascist counter-revolution

Here is an article from last week’s Wall Street Journal by Jalal Talabani of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which includes the following description of the ‘resistance’ applauded by the likes of Tariq Ali and the SWP:

The enemies of Iraqi freedom are not “resistance,” a word that evokes the heroism of Poles in the Second World War, nobly battling their occupiers. Nor can those who murder our American liberators, Red Cross workers, U.N. officials and Italian policemen be termed “guerrillas.” Rather, they are terrorists. They are the thugs and torturers who repressed their fellow Iraqis during the last 35 years, the perpetrators of genocide, men who butchered hundreds of thousands of Kurds, Marsh Arabs and Shiite Arabs.

The creation of an anti-democratic fascist counter-revolution of Baathists and foreign Islamic volunteers, some of whom are al Qaeda and Ansar al-Islam, is a classic unholy Middle Eastern alliance. These people have more support among the Arab media and in the studios of al-Jazeera than they do in Iraq.

Also of interest a couple of news agency interviews with Iraqi Communist Party representatives:

The Associated Press has an interview with a member of the Iraqi Communist Party’s central commitee about when the US troops should go.

Reuters has an interview with an ICP politburo member about the influence of religion on Iraqi politics.