UK Politics

Arrest Me

I’ve decided to vote Communist at the next election. To see why just look at the CPGB’s plans for reforming chokey as set out in their draft programme

Prisoners must be allowed the maximum opportunity to develop themselves as human beings. People should only be imprisoned within a short distance of their own locality – if nor, families must be given full cost of travel for visits.
Prison life must be made as near normal as possible. The aim of prison should be rehabilitation, not punishment. Within prisons there should be a wide range of cultural facilities. Medical treatment must be via the general health service. There must be provision for daily visiting hours and weekly 24-hour conjugal visits.
Worthwhile prison work. must be made available. It must be paid at full trade union rates and limited to seven hours a day.
Cells must be self-contained and for one person alone.
Prisoners must be allowed access to books, newspapers and periodicals of their choice. Incoming and outgoing letters can only be checked for contraband – they must not be read nor censored.
Prisoners should have the right to vote in parliamentary and other such elections and to stand for election. Votes from prisoners to count within the constituency they actually live, not where they happen to originate.

I intend to hold the Commissar for Justice to the CPGB’s election promise when they come to lock me up for rightist deviationism.