Counter demo


Would it be unreasonable to suggest that the anti-war, anti-Bush protestors were supporters of the terrorists and Ba’athists who continue to kill Iraqi civilians and others working for peace and democracy in the country?

Would that be over-the-top demonisation of concerned citizens?

Well, the main organisers of next week’s demonstration don’t appear to think so as they published the following quote from one of the movement’s leading lights, John Pilger, in Socialist Worker’s special Bush visit edition.:

We need everybody to get on the streets to say to this totalitarian creature and war criminal, and his grovelling host, “Get out of Iraq, get out of our world, get out of our hair, go home”.

Next week is critical. The movement in Britain has an opportunity, in conjunction with the resistance in Iraq, to deal a blow to the US Empire.’

Another leading intellectual of the movement Tariq Ali was just as explicit recently saying Iraqis should be proud of the suicide bombers and the movement should be “envious” of such an opposition.

I have obviously been wrong to suggest that these people have forgotten about international solidarity. They clearly haven’t.

Welcome to the Great British ‘left’, brought to you in alliance with death squads, relgious bigots and fascists.