Denton does a Desmond

Former Financial Times journalist turned whizzkid Nick Denton has long been in search of a way of making money out of blogs.

Now after years of painstaking marketing research he has reached the startling conclusion that sex sells and has launched Fleshbot – a new porn blog.

Basically, despite the predictable hype from his blogging friends, it is nothing new and is not really a blog at all but simply one of those (many) sites offering links to the free pages of adult websites.

I find it rather sad that someone who earlier this year saidI’d like to bring weblogs to a broader audience because I think most media is pretty boring,” has been reduced to trying to make a few quid out of linking to other people’s smutty pics.

(I’m not linking to a porn site but Denton talks about his new project on his own blog here)