Gorgeous goes into oblivion

George Galloway has tonight launched ‘a new political movement’ based on the anti-war coalition to stand against Labour in every European seat next June.

Mr Galloway said: “I am launching a unity coalition which will seek to unite the left, the peace movement, the anti-war cause, the Muslim community in Britain, progressive people of all parties and none, to fight New Labour in the European elections in June in England and Wales.”

He said he would not stand on the same ticket in Scotland but instead support Scottish Socialist Party candidates.

But if any of our readers actually took up Paul Foot’s invite and went to the Friends Meeting House to listen to GG and co, your confirmation of this and other comments would be most welcome.

Update: The increasingly silly Yvonne Ridley writes a gushing report for Aljazeera’s website:

Rebel MP George Galloway has announced the launch of a new political movement which could change the face of British politics for ever

The British antiwar movement will turn into a political force to take on Tony Blair’s New Labour in the European elections in June 2004.

The historic announcement was made on Wednesday night in central London where the MP was addressing a rally of the now famous Stop The War movement which has more than two million supporters.

If national backing for the new political version of the movement continues, it will be larger than any political party in the UK with more than two million supporters.

Galloway, a lifelong member of the Labour swore British Prime Minister Tony Blair would live to regret his decision in having the Scots-born MP expelled from the party last week.

Now it appears he has kept his word.

Brilliant stuff.Read it all, it really is too good to miss.

Yvonne Ridley, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.