Guardian Best Blog Award

The Guardian has opened the entries for their second British Blog Awards.

Surprisingly there is no category for political blogs. That seems odd given that the political sites are almost an entirely different concept to the ‘I’ve got a hangover, a new videophone and my girlfriend’s split up with me, here’s a photo of my pet dog’ style blog.

But the world of political blogs are well represented on the judging panel by Tom Watson MP, Nick Denton and Salam Pax. So keep a close eye out for bloggers linking heavily to those three. Is there such a thing as a virtual bung?

Update: There may not be a virtual bung but there is such a thing as virtual blackmail as Spin shows.

He also explains why he won’t be entering the poll, the same restrictions that stop Harry’s Place putting its name forward despite the kind emails of some readers urging us to enter the race.