The Truth

Paul Donovan in the Observer online edition:For those who inhabit a world outside of the Parliamentary lobby, the views expressed by Meacher as to the way the whole 9/11 scenario and what followed so easily fitted with the Bush administration’s agenda is anything but conspiratorial

Wrong. Meacher’s suggestion that the US security forces were “stood down” on 9/11 was considered conspiracy nonsense by almost everyone outside the ranks of those in denial about the realities of Islamic terrorism. It had bollocks all to do with the parliamentary lobby.

Meacher is not the first to raise questions regarding the sequence of events post-9/11. John Pilger and Noam Chomsky have consistently exposed the truth and put the sequence of events of the past two years in context.

Sorry, it is a terrible habit but whenever I read the words Pilger, Chomsky and Truth, I get this urge to turn the page…