Here come the Nazis….

I did not make a film about birds or insects. I made a film about American violence. Let’s turn the clock back and it’s 1936 in Berlin and you got a theatre award: would it be inappropriate if you say something then, or do you just accept the award because ‘You don’t mix up politics and theatre’?”

Michael Moore on his Oscar speech, Guardian Interview, Oct 4

” I do think it was like a Nuremberg rally and in fact the leader’s speech had a lot of the leader principle, the Fuhrer princip, about it.”

George Galloway MP on Blair’s speech at the Labour Party conference, BBC Interview, Oct 1

While we are on ‘Nazi’ allegations, it now turns out Arnie, among his many talents, was a militant anti-fascist street fighter.

Oh yes and the rest of the Moore interview does much to confirm the points made by his critics on this blog.