Hoisted on her own Petard

Lindsey German, leading Stopper and Socialist Workers Party member asks the question of those people who supported the Iraq war and who argue that pulling the troops out of Iraq right now is not in the best interests of the Iraqi people

“You lied to us over every aspect of this war – why should we believe you now? “

Leaving aside the vexed question of exactly which lies she is talking about she does make a valid point; a person who tells lies, either on purpose or with reckless regard to the truth, does their own credibility and argument great harm.

It’s a shame therefore that the same October issue of Socialist Review in which her question is asked also carries an apology on behalf of her and another leading Trotskyist for libelling Quintin Hoare and Branca Magas

“The allegation that Mr Hoare and Ms Magas had been apologists for the Tudjman regime and/or Franjo Tudjman himself is wholly untrue. Mr Callinicos, Ms German and Bookmarks Publications Ltd have agreed to pay them each a sum by way of damages and their legal costs. They have also undertaken not to repeat the allegation.”

Here’s a question for you Lindsay. Why should we believe anything you say in future now that you have been forced to admit to telling despicable lies against those people on the left you disagree with ?