Counter demo

No more lies

Jackie D at Au Currant makes her contribution to the counter-protest:

Here is part of her criticism of the ‘anti-war’ movement:

In short, their new truth is new fiction. Their old fiction warned that the Arab street would rise up in unprecedented protest, that the terrorists would be so incensed that not a week would pass when our cities were not blighted by their revenge-seeking attacks, that hundreds of thousands of civilians would die in the war, that millions of refugees would flee into neighbouring nations, that the battle of Baghdad would be another Stalingrad, that the war itself was a Vietnam-style quagmire with no end in sight and that America lacked the commitment to stay in Iraq long enough to get the job done. And now they demand that America get the hell out.

Quite clearly, if anyone’s lied, it is the anti-war, anti-peace, pro-“containment” brigade. They were outraged when their countries’ leaders disregarded their feelings (the whole “If my government doesn’t do what I want it to, democracy doesn’t exist!” baloney is another daft assertion of this bunch), but I thank God every day that they did just that.

Because this is the hard part. There are no shortcuts for any country, but for one where the people have been downtrodden — literally stomped on and oppressed by their rulers for the best part of three decades — the going will be particularly tough. Some people, like the ones who protested in London today, seem shocked and baffled by that, even though we all knew it would be difficult. Seriously, we all knew. If you didn’t, go back to eating paste in the corner and let the grownups talk.