Counter demo

Last gasp?

Even though I probably should know better I was still a bit surprised to see this on the BBC’s site on Saturday morning:

Are you involved in the Iraq demo?

Thousands of protesters from around the country have descended on London, to march under the slogan “No more lies, no more war”.
The Stop the War Coalition, who organised of the demonstration, say they want to draw Labour’s attention to their concerns over the situation in Iraq, ahead of the party’s annual conference.

This is the fifth protest this year against Britain’s intervention in Iraq.

Do you think the protests make a difference? Are you involved in the march? Tell us your views and experiences.

Share your pictures of the demonstration, by sending them to

What was it a Blue Peter exercise? How close do the Beeb want to get to saying ‘keep it up lads’?

Still if you scroll down the page you’ll see the responses they got to their appeal – a healthy number of people criticising the protests and for all the right reasons too.

It’s starting to feel as if Saturday was the last gasp of Stop the War.