Upper classlessness

I found this Spectator article by a cleaning woman at Warwick University grimly amusing:

Some of the girls were as bad as the boys. One female sociology student told me that her deaf cleaner (who also had a limp) should never have been employed because, being unable to hear the command ‘Not now!’, she had regularly interrupted her work on ‘Class, Disability and Interpersonal Relations’. The girl could usefully have subtitled her essay, ‘Or …Why I just can’t help hating my deaf, limping cleaner.’
If you are a student’s cleaner, the offence is personal. Boys with Marxist–feminist books on their shelves and soft-porn posters on their walls complained from their beds that it was too early in the afternoon to have their stains scrubbed off the loo.

Are so many privileged young Brits incapable of behaving civilly to the people who do the shitwork for them? (I’ll admit I don’t know if privileged young Americans in the same circumstances would behave better, or the same, or worse.)

(Via the interesting Israeli blog Not a Fish.)