The Sting meets Life of Brian

More details on the story of the former Ukrainian Komsomol members who have been conning British Trotskyists into financing their multiple fake revolutionary groups in the Weekly Worker.

Refreshingly the WW’s Mark Fischer, not surprisingly for someone trying to recreate the Communist Party of Great Britain in the year 2003, has a sense of humour:

The fiasco is not without its funny side, of course. The Sting meets Life of Brian. For instance, we also received an approach from these people. A little later, we got a furious email from a leading AWLer (Alliance for Workers Liberty – HH), demanding to know what ‘our group’ in the Ukraine was doing putting out leaflets attacking their group, the Ukrainian Workers Tendency. They were – of course – the same people.

The article also includes a great typo:

A bizarre collection of organisations on the revolutionary left have been on the receiving end of a petty, but nonetheless politically quite sophisticated, fraud dating back to at least the late 1900s.

Is it called Leninism by any chance?