Dave Dudley

Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Pollard?

James Lileks says Arnie’s decision to run for governor of California will “just horrify the Europeans,” while Stephen Pollard narrows it down a bit and says (with striking similarity) that it will just “horrify the French”.

Will it? I would have thought the idea of a violent action movie actor and bodybuilder being taken seriously as a politician in the US would rather please anti-Americans in Europe.

After all does it not confirm their stereotyping of the US as the land of gun-toting numbskulls who shoot first and ask questions later?

What I think would really annoy the anti-Americans in Europe would be if just for once US politics failed to live up to the Hollywood cliches.

And is it not being rather overlooked that Arnold Schwarzenegger is, erm, European?

Still at least Arnie faces some heavyweight competiton from among the 296 people who have taken out candidacy papers.

Let’s see – there is a ‘big-busted blonde bombshell’, a porn trader , a porn star and – ‘pint-sized actor Gary Coleman’, better known as Arnold out of Different Strokes.


Vote Arnold? Which one?