Dave Dudley

Announcement: Dave Dudley blogs again

I’m delighted to announce that as part of the attempt to broaden the ideological output of this blog, leading revolutionary socialist Dave Dudley has agreed to provide occasional contributions to the site.

Long-term readers will remember Dave when he first appeared on Sectarian Worker, a decision that led to a split in that organisation with Dave going off to produce his own Trotskyist blog Dave Dudley’s Dialectical Diary.

Unfortunately ‘DD’s DD’, as it became known, was short lived with Dave’s sterling and unswerving commitment to the anti-war effort meaning he was able to manage just two posts.

However we at Harry’s Place have received a number of pleas from Dave’s admirers to coax him out of his public silence and having passed these on to Dave (via the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Workers League) he has agreed to write for us on the following conditions, which he has asked us to make public

1. It is absolutely clear that Dave’s posting to the site does not indicate in any way endorsement for the pro-imperialist, war-crimes apologist, neo-con, Islamophobic so-called politics of Harry Hatchet and friends. On the contrary Dave is engaging with us in order to win layers of workers and youth away from the dead-end of reactionary sub-reformism that we represent, living proof, as we are, of the dangers of Kautskyite revisionism and a chilling reminder of the betrayal of the Second International and the road that Stalinism leads you to.

2. Although Dave is sharing a platform with our contributor Gene, who is an American national, he wishes to make it clear that this does not in any way indicate support for George Bush’s policy for a New World Reich. Dave would like to stress however that his problem is not with the American people but with its government, although he recognises that government is merely an instrument of US (and indeed global) capital and it would be a mistake to overemphasise the role of the political wing of the repressive state apparatus.

3. Dave Dudley writes in a personal capacity.