Stealing time

Funny isn’t it how bloggers have no time to post when on holiday but do have time when they are back at work?

I suppose the positive spin in my case is that it means I feel more guilty about stealing time from family than the company, either that or the shocking thought that work is duller than beaches, bars and UK Gold’s Summer Knights of Comedy?

But anyway just as Gene heads off to West Virginia after his sterling work in keeping the blog fresh, I’m back, refreshed and with a few ideas for improving the blog.

A quick first browse of the blogs reveals that Austin Mitchell has become the second Labour MP to get a blog. Should be interesting and it looks as if he might have less on Grimsby than Tom Watson has on West Bromwich.

Also Norman Geras’ blog post on the left and Iraq has made it on to the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal.

Left-wing blogger Matthew Turner has applied to join the Conservative Party on the basis that if Stephen Pollard and Oliver Kamm claim to be left-wing then anything goes….