Bernard and the BNP

Bernard ‘I can’t be racist, it’s only a joke’ Manning now says he knows nothing about his upcoming appearance at the British National Party’s ‘Red, White and Blue Festival’.

According to the Daily Mirror he said:“It’s a lot of b******s. I don’t know where I’m working. Speak to my agent. I don’t know about any BNP nonsense. I would not do it anyway. Do you think I’m f***ing barmy?”

But Manning’s agent says he is doing the gig and surprise, surprise, says there is nothing racist about appearing at the BNP bash – after all, he’s only joking right?

Perhaps the biggest joke was Manning’s agents recent claim that his client’s appearances in India “went down like a storm” – as anyone who saw the Channel Four docu-stitch-up would know, the fat Manc totally bombed and had to blame his microphone for the lack of laughs at his lame gags.

Bernard Manning may or may not like the BNP but there is no doubt that the BNP like him. According to my sources a recent Manning gig in the party’s favourite town Burnley was attended by at least two of the town’s BNP councillors.