Fraternal Greetings

It’s Friday so a little comedy from the ‘left press’.

The letters pages of the Weekly Worker rarely fail to deliver some insight into the world of the ultra-left and this week’s edition has a classic in the form of a letter from a Hong Kong Trot (scroll down to SWP in Asia).

Here are the final few pars with the best stuff about the SWP’s sister organisation in Hong Kong:

They will never even dare raise the question of thuggery with us, as we work with the lumpenproletariat closely; in fact they are somewhat concerned for their own well-being.

We have half a mind to let the dogs of the lumpens on them if they continue their attacks on good comrades in the west. We do, however, ensure that we take up arguments politically instead, but it is so tempting. After all, this is China, where politics is sometimes conducted by the baseball bat.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is they are a bunch of toothless wonders, incapable of creation and development, but proven at destruction – sectarian indeed. Basically they are scum – save for one important area, Thailand, where the Thai lot maintain a healthy distance from London.

All in all, the SWP are a bunch of useless fuckers. For an organisation that claims to lead the world revolution, they have nothing.

John Ho
Hong Kong