Guardian Guide

I missed this yesterday but the Guardian Online has produced a brief guide to political weblogs.

Most of the sites will be familar to anyone who regularly reads the British blogs, apart from perhaps Lefty B’Stard who has posted once in the past seven months.

And how can neo-Trot Alister Black of the Scottish Socialist Party be described as a centrist – the same category that includes neo-con Stephen Pollard?

Oh and while I am at it, they use the dreaded ‘L word’ again to describe this blog. I just don’t get this at all. Are ‘social-democrat’ or ‘democratic socialist’ such out-of-date terms? There really is little that is libertarian about my politics. Just for the record, I am in favour of state regulation and banning things ok?

But I am nitpicking again. Tuesday’s flurry of articles in the Guardian focusing on blogs are of course welcome and unlike some other recent reviews in other British papers they actually looked at British blogs rather than the usual suspects across the pond.

One thing the Westminster seminar certainly achieved was a good dose of publicity for British blogs.