A Trot Blog

Things certainly move fast in the blogosphere – my comment in the Guardian piece yesterday that there was an absence of Trot blogs is now out-of-date.

Nick Holden got in touch via email to tell me about his new blog 4glengate – which is indeed a Trot site. After all who else would have a links category title of ‘Fighting the Bosses’?

I’m not sure what particular ‘revolutionary tendency’ Nick belongs to (he doesn’t mention it in his email which is very unusual for a Trot) but the links section would indicate it is the Alliance for Workers Liberty.

Despite the silly name, the AWL (ex-Socialist Organiser for the Eighties nostalgists among us), are probably the only sane group on the British far left – they get lots of abuse from the others for not believing in the total destruction of the state of Israel and for adding the phrase No to Saddam! to anti-war slogans and other such pro-imperialist crimes.

Anyway Nick and Kate have a link to Scottish folk singer Dick Gaughan which is more than enough reason to give them a plug but I suspect Richard B, who comments here regularly, would be able to tell us more about the newest British political blog.