Pyramid Snobs

The Spectator is supposedly the in-house journal of the intellectual Right in this country.

The latest issue carries a two-page article by a particularly stupid woman which to all intents and purposes promotes ‘Hearts’ – essentially a pyramid selling scheme of the same type which brought down the Albanian economy a few years back and which is illegal in the US, though not yet here.

The question which must be asked of the Spectator is – why devote space to this sort of rubbish ? Perhaps the answer might be found in the contents of the following paragraph from which I quote:

“Traditionally pyramid schemes like these were aimed at people desperate for cash but the current schemes are popular with the well-to-do. Lady Portia Agar, daughter of Lord Normanton, and her friend Flora Harrap, the grandaughter of Lord Carbery, were among the first to join. Even Claudia Schiffer was spotted at a Hearts party in Eaton Square. Lady Elizabeth Anson, a cousin of the Queen, is reported to have made Forty Eight Thousand Pounds”

It seems even something as obviously fraudulant as a pyramid-selling scheme can be sold to snobs if it is packaged properly.