Howard Dean – another view

British Spin responds with an interesting reply to Gene’s recent post here about Howard Dean’s chances as Democrat candidate against Bush.

If things stay as they are, Bush is the prohibitive favourite against any Democrat, no matter how reasonable and centrist. But step into the mirror where Bush is failing, and Howard Dean’s very weaknesses, the things that make him a possible McGovern right now, make him the best candidate to run against Bush. He becomes the voo-doo candidate who stridently rejected the policies of a sitting president who lost control of foriegn affairs and the economy and provides a credible confident alternative. Suddenly he’s Reagan, not McGovern.

Backing Dean is a gamble for the Dems, but at least it’s a gamble that could pay off. Sometimes, in politics as well as in poker, playing safe isn’t the best strategy.

On this issue: Howard Dean is going to spend a week as a guest blogger on this American weblog.

Can you imagine anything like that ever happening on a British blog?

And yes, I am open to offers if anyone wants to prove me wrong!