Top tips for Bloggers

Bloggers, ever wondered how to get a link from one of those powerful American webloggers that can quadruple your traffic with a single mention? Someone like, let’s say Andrew Sullivan?

Well, Here’s a clue.

Andrew Sullivan, is one of the preeminent forces in the world of blogging. If you don’t know Andrew: he’s an established writer and editor of some renown who began experimenting with blogging as an outlet for some of his stray thoughts, and has been slowly turning it into a viable model for alternative media…..

He’s also one of a very small handful of writers whose style and substance and wit and intellect combine to make his writing a must-read for me. Even when I disagree with him, I find his writing too good to ignore.

And surprise, surprise it worked! (here disguised as a solidarity message to Iranians)

This man has has no chance though:

Once when Andrew Sullivan joined us for drinks, the gossip took a swift dive into the bowels of The New Republic, a loathsome mag personified by Sullivan, who remains one of the most arrogant, pretentious jerks I’ve ever met.

We report. You decide.