In Britain MP’s become talk show hosts but in the land of the free, of course, it works the other way round.

Trash talk show host Jerry Springer is considering a run for Senate and he has done an interview with this weblog.

“I’d like to ask all those Senators who always talk about cutting programs that help regular people; who enact tax cuts that only help the wealthy; and who stand by while the powerful special interests take over our government … what in the hell they’re thinking about. Our government is supposed to be of, by and for the people … not of, by and for the rich and the special interests.

That’s why I’ve always said if you’re looking for television programs that really impact America negatively … that have destroyed a lot of peoples’ lives … don’t watch my show, watch C-Span when they cover what’s going on in Congress and in the halls of our Federal government. That’s where you’ll find the true obscenities. “

Go Jerrry! With fine politics like that and as a natural-born Brit if it doesn’t work out for you in the race for the Senate may I suggest trying your hand in this soon to be vacant parliamentry seat?