Former journalist Andrew Sullivan offers this item on his blog today: THE LEFT AND IRAN: Pejman takes on the moral abdication of the Western left.

But click on the link to the item and you find a perfectly reasonable article urging the media to pay more attention to the situation in Iran. There is not a mention of the left at all. Not one. Nor is there any comment about morality or abdication. In fact the only mention of western politics is this:

A surefire way to get the press to pay more attention to the protests in Iran is for the Bush administration to talk more about Iran, and to make clear its support for the reformists who aim to change the policies of their country – as well as the regime that propagates those policies.

It is puzzling why the administration has not lent more public support to the Iranian reform movement, especially considering just how much regime and policy changes in Iran could benefit the United States, and the international community at large.

So a mild criticism of George Bush is “taking on the moral abdication of the Western left?”

And this man wants us to pay for his weblog?