Iran’s ruling clique have once again shown their inability to respond realistically to the post 7th century world by making two hilarious comments.

The first concerns the relative balance of power in the contemporary world. As US troops occupy two of Iran’s neighbours, as Iran’s nuclear programme continues to bring unwanted attention from everyone else and as students continue their nightly anti-regime protests Ayatollah Khamenie has stated “Despite their propoganda, the United States is on the verge of collapse and resembles a mountain of ice which is melting” Very interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen a clearer example of the psychological phenomena known as projection in my life.

The second comment is from an unnamed regime spokesman who has commented on US support for the demonstrating students “their (the US) remarks are a blatent interference in Iran’s internal affairs”. Is this the same Islamic Republic of Iran which pronounced a death sentence on British novelist Salman Rusdie in 1989 ? Wasn’t that an interference in Britain’s affairs ?

The Iranian people already know that the regime is murderous and incapable of managing an economy. As they consider the most recent lies and hypocrisy they will draw their own conclusions.