Iranian students have kick-started a protest in Tehran which has drawn in other sections of society. This is how revolutions start.

the last time I posted on the issue of Iran someone suggested that the planned Iranian general strike had been organised by the CIA. It is entirely possible that US agents are operating in Tehran in a similar way to the Iranian agents are operating in Iraq, but to fail to support the people of Iran as they attempt to bring freedom to their country because you suspect they might be receiving unspecified help from outside would be wrong and shortsighted. Any review of the history of revolution will show that representatives of outside interests are invariably present. The thing to remember is that outside interests can only organise coups. Popular revolutions are a different matter.

Revolutions come about because the ruling class cannot continue to rule in the old way and the ruled class do not want to be ruled in the old way. We will see how things develop in Iran but I am hopeful that a real resistance to the murderers is developing.