I don’t know who this guy is or how much influence he has in Washington but it does throw some light on the thoughts of the permanent revolutionists in the US who want a wholesale shake-up of the middle-east. He proposes a very tough policy indeed. This is what he says about those who take a softer line toward Syria and Iran:

“If we listen to the advocates of half measures and those who actually want to make deals with the tyrants we may yet find a path to defeat”
I suspect the strategy here is to shake-up the Mullah’s rather than put them on notice that they are being targeted for overt action, I hope so anyway for a number of reasons.

What is clear is that the Iranian general strike called for 9th July in favour of democracy and a secular republic should be supported by all democrats and progressives in Europe and the US (sorry, no link – it’s not had a lot of coverage in the Western media).