Stephen Pollard has the goods on the New Statesman’s list of Britain’s top neo-cons which is even sillier than I imagined including the magazine’s former editor John Lloyd as well as David Aaronovitch.

As Stephen puts it “Both of them are classic, straight down the line social democrats. The only thing they have in common with neocons – almost literally, the only thing – is that they supported the war in Iraq. But so did Anne Clwyd, so did Nick Cohen, and so did Christopher Hitchens”

It seems pretty clear that the term neo-conservative is being simply used as a term of abuse on the left to describe people whose views on terrorism and on Iraq, the reactionary left find hard to stomach.

Meanwhile, thanks to reader Gene Vitzer for providing a link to this Josh Marshall report in Forward on the recent gathering of Social Democrats USA and the debate they had with some old comrades who have become……..neo-cons.